Celebrating This Special Date

On August 15th it will have been seven years – a blessed number – since starting my Soul Life and I am very grateful! To celebrate this, my team is helping me out with a new playlist on YouTube :

“Soul Connections”

Including the music that inspired the Soul Connections stories and poems: Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, “You make me feel brand new” from Simply Red

and more to come!


August 9th, 2020

Stop trying to be God

Travis Scott’s video already has 38 million views on YouTube, so I guess it resonates with lots of people. Some might say, it’s a story about becoming famous and losing control of himself.

In my eyes, it’s a story about becoming a role model, having fans/followers and the power that is puzzling oneself.

It starts with the main character, going along with the Crowd. Once Fame has come, one’s look at borders is blurred, so this leads to breaking rules (the party) and the punishing. Now everybody runs away and hide, the Artist is alone and suffering.

After this situation has passed, the Artist is ‘talking’ to a group of fans, who instantly raise their hands when the leader does so. It is puzzling, where does this influential power come from? It’s the form that evolved from Middle Ages system of loyalty. A king’s Vassals where rewarded for their loyalty. All for one, one for all. Modern society keeps some reminiscents of it in the form of fandom, looking for role models, stars, opinion leaders.

‘Converting’ Fans in the water is probably another trespassing of a border, that might be seen as a challenge to the King, here depicted as God in the company of female dancers.

What about the Burning? It’s an upside-down ride, perhaps in his inner world, like a Creator gone mad. “I made this world and I destroy it”, just that it seems to be a self-destructive act. Now the Artist is reduced to ashes, to be born again as a little lamb in the end.

To be continued?