On Valentine’s

(C) 2020 Dora Marii

So fast, the way time flies
And I am still here (in Cologne)
My loved one, he’s nowhere near
Always breaking up on Valentine’s.

He calls my name like no one else,
Wish he’d be the one in my Soul Talk,
And my Longing turns into a hawk,
Like a love letter on Valentine’s.

Yes, I wrote him “Love You” one time
And soon, my Soul told me to be brave:
He was dating again, they’ve said.
Oh well, I don’t believe in Valentines.

I won’t ask him to be mine,
Because I don’t believe in Romance,
But I do believe in Innocence
And hope to hold him once – on Valentine’s.

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New moon

This is not a romantic post to clear things up, if someone might think “moon=romantic”. Nature’s beauty is in my eyes unique and very inspiring. I took this picture from my balcony two days ago in the early evening. Shortly after that the moon took on a yellowish colour and was much more beautiful to look at. I’d love to paint that some time soon.

We have this difficult time where the Corona (Covid-19) virus infected lots of people all over the world and public life has been slowed down in Europe since a couple of weeks ago. New moon is said to be the phase of introspection, of going inside and finding the light within, which then becomes a guiding light for yourself and for the outside world. As we go out less, we have the opportunity to rest, think about ourselves and about our personal priorities, about the relationship to our selves, to our family members and to our friends, about our profession and our social activities.

I hope that you will find out that all humans are connected – not just because this virus is spreading so fast, but because physical distance is not equivalent to emotional distance. Someone is only separated when his/hers heart is closed meaning that this person is not showing his/hers feelings and is not aknowledging the feelings of other persons. This is the time to become “unfrozen”.

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