The Big Gap, part two

This post is continuing The big gap, part 1.

Being in a gap: how does it feel? As the Covid-19 lockdown continued, people started to relax a little bit and myself I got a little bit too relaxed – till my job was gone.

But I was prepared. I knew what to do and sent my job applications right away, no need to start crying over spilled milk, life goes on.

I couldn’t have managed it this way if I didn’t experiende the loss of a job before. That time I felt like my world was going down. I was overwelmed and couldn’t cope for a while. My relationship went really bad too because my partner was mocking me for losing my job. At that moment I have realised that there is no future for the two of us. Looking back it seems to me that I was lacking the proper tools and the proper reactions to handle that. Well, we all get wiser in time …

This slowing down of the public life and of parts of the economy affected my personal life in a way that a diet does. The chance was now so palpable to invest more time and energy in my home, in my cooking skills, my work-sleep balance ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have watched so many shows and movies as in the previous two years combined – satisfying my brain’s thirst for stories and data.

Now I actually get the chance of a great job and I feel a lot more motivated – even excited! – about the new beginning that is slowly coming.

Four reasons to start your spiritual journey now

Social distancing is still there and by now I guess that some (new) routines were born. Did you spend time on hobbies that you couldn’t do because you didn’t have enough time? I found myself posting more often on social media, working on expanding the reach for my art, trying hand lettering as a new way of expression.

Lately I have been thinking about the reason why do I do all of this. Spirituality is a part of my life since teen years now, it fuelled my creativity and gave me a rock solid basis for crisis situations like the current one. Talking to friends and acquaintances I started to realise that there is still little knowledge about the benefits of investing in your spiritual life:

1. It doesn’t cost anything to get started. With most hobbies you need to purchase stuff . Want to sew? need a sewing machine. Want to draw? you need paper and lots of pens etc. For this one you just need a little bit of time and a quiet space where you can be on your own.

(C) Dora Marii

2. Your inner world expands. You start to receive new insights and sometimes even get the feeling of a light literally going on.

Besides, people realise that through this inner connection to their soul, they are connected to the society and the Universe. Loneliness thus becomes impossible to experience ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Personal stories are easier to understand and to let go of. Healing takes place and even if sometimes there is sadness, it doesn’t pull someone down like a heavy stone.

(C) Dora Marii

4. You learn lots of new techniques and meet new people. In my experience you don’t need a Guru to make progress. It is good to have someone to exchange ideas and get support from time to time.

Which techniques do you use or learn currently? Do you have a favourite online event that you want to share?

The Big Gap, part one

By now I have three weeks of home office and one week of vacation behind me since the Social Distancing situation started. Clearly some things have changed and I wonder as many people do, at this time, if things will get back to what they used to be or if we all are going to define anew what “normal” is.

Copyright 2020 Dora Marii – Closed stores in Cologne’s main shopping street Schildergasse

Hopefully, we are able by now to see that there are some advantages when working from home – as this is possible, of course, since many jobs are not suitable to this. But as long as someone is doing an office related job and is using a computer, this is largely applicable. To be frankly, many of us have experienced before that when contacting an insurance or the support of a company, the person at the end of the line stated that they were doing home office and “please be patient” meanwhile he or she was looking through the records.

There are mixed feelings about this subject. After all, if you are used to getting up in the morning and go to work, it’s a little irritating if you are put in a new situation where you have to develop some habits first.

Man is a creature of habits and propensities

Thorstein Veblen

The more important thing is though, which businesses will make it through this dry period, which ones will have to close permanently?

If you look for example at retailers, most of which had to close their stores, the ones that cannot offer a replacement of their in-store services are suffering. It doesn’t have to be online shops. Some stores that I have seen while taking a walk are displaying posters that state that orders by email are welcome and that they deliver at home.

Delivery services are in demand and if this situation continues, it will become an opportunity for people who love going out. By delivering goods they can also support small and big stores – it’s a win-win situation.

What do you think? Are you negatively affected by the current Stay-at-Home situation? Leave a comment below !

New moon

This is not a romantic post to clear things up. Nature’s beauty is in my eyes unique and very inspiring. I took this picture from my balcony two days ago in the early evening. Shortly after the moon took on a yellowish colour and was much more beautiful to look at. I’d love to paint that some time soon.

We have this difficult time where the Corona virus infected lots of people all over the world and public life has been slowed down since a couple of weeks ago. New moon is said to be the phase of introspection, of going inside and finding the light within, which then becomes a guiding light for yourself and for the outside world.

I hope that you will find out that all humans are connected – not just because this virus is spreading so fast, but because physical distance is not equivalent to emotional distance. Someone is only separated when his/hers heart is closed meaning that this person is not showing his/hers feelings and is not aknowledging the feelings of other persons. This is the time to become “unfrozen”.

Song idea on Soundcloud “Your heart flies”

This is definitely a spring song. The text was born 2016 for the World Poetry Day (March 21st) and the song’s first version was ready half a year later. I know, it took some time. Now I have uploaded the new remix on Soundcloud:

Be one of the first listeners and leave a comment – here or directly on SoundCloud ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Frozen – best animation movie

I have seen the movie again as a test, to check out if it still moves me like it did the first time I have seen it at the cinema. This time it touched me in a different way; it still is a major story in my opinion.

Copyright 2018 Dora Marii “Return to Innocence”

As Frozen 2 is running at cinemas everywhere, I used the opportunity to watch the first part on DVD – having seen it multiple times with my kids, this time I have chosen to watch the original version.

Google search “frozen snowflake” – Copyright of the respective owners

It was some time in spring 2013 that I have watched it initially and it gave me hot and cold shivers on my back. The effect was so powerful that it led me to a life changing decision – having hidden for a long time some skills that I had like automatic writing and being able to read between the lines – so I have decided to stop hiding, the way that Elsa did, and open up. Coupled with the decision that is OK if only a few persons can accept me the way I am – cold is not bothering me anyway – it was like opening a door to further life experiences and the birth of “Soul Connections”.

The theme of “true love kiss” vs. “act of true love” was crucial. Stopping that ideal of romance that many more stories have propagated was so healing!

And of course, the Love that you feel in your heart is healing first of all – yourself. This movie has many parallel issues going on, it is worth writing a longer series about. The main message was so powerful than and it is now – is that of Love melting away the ice of Fear and Greed – and of Ice as a positive life protecting force. It is Elsa’s self defence Qi, if you want, her Element and she had to understand that it “came out” the second she needed protection. As she eventually understood and let go of fear, she was able to direct it.

We only become loveable if we show ourselves – then someone like Anna is able to come along and love us. So let go of hiding !

Magic of September

We are almost thru the month and I am feeling like ‘Dora, write something about September!” As a kid it was my favorite month because it ended the three month long summer vacation. In the morning you can see the moon – amazing! – even if the sun has already risen.

As a grown up, it is nice to see the trees going from green to orange, red and yellow and taste fresh grapes and plums. The summer heat is gone and you can enjoy the warmth of sun rays while taking a walk. After a season of physical activity you come to a more peaceful one, starting to turn your attention inward and collect the rewards of your inner work.

You may have had more intense experiences around the 15th of August, you may have taken a commitment to your own growth. Then comes September showing you areas where you can start ๐Ÿ˜‰ especially around the full Moon. I love to call the September full moon ‘fools’ Moon’ because it happened a couple of times to reveal to me spots where I was being a fool. Like six years ago, being extremely introvert and letting my fantasy blur the reality of sensing the world around me.

Follow your own Soul!

This year I had the surprise realisation that I have been behaving the way a parent wanted/believed me to be. I had to let go of it, all the foolish jokes I used to make so that people thought that I am crazy ๐Ÿคช Acting ‘adult’ instead and showing people the way that I reason so that they can see, I am accountable. This crazy fool thing was a limiting image that people had of me and I guess it was a big reason for loneliness.

All in one, I keep feeling that my life is rounded and have found happiness. One thing that helped was September Fools’Moon.

What about you? Which is your favorite month of the year?

Windy Beach was not my Dream

As I look back to last summer I see once more the reason for that situation. I wanted to sunbath but I did not communicate it the way that I should have. So I ended up on a windy beach, where I could not sunbath.

Being in a relationship is sometimes tough – you need to convince, first of all you need to be aware of what you want and what you expect. If not, you will get what your partner wants – and please don’t complain about it.

This situation – I had a summer dream, planned vacation with my partner but did not talk about my wish – made me ask myself, how important is to act, to put physical energy (talk, plan, make phone calls etc.) behind an idea, as a result of ‘having a dream’.

My summer dream

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Dreaming of the summer #sleepless in Cologne

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At least I wore my jacket on my summer holiday ! that worked.

Now I am looking forward for next summer – that will be great, I can tell you.