Recovering from Hurt

You might follow our Facebook page and have seen this inspirational picture saying

Only fools keep old hurts

Forever in their hearts

© Dora Marii 2018

What is this supposed to mean? Can you relate to that?

Picture ©

It sounds a little bit harsh, yet I have decided to keep it that way for the purpose of emphasizing the importance of letting go of old hurts.

Now that is an exercise in happiness. Some people might have hurt you, on purpose or not. Reflecting and gathering experience in your social interactions, you can learn with Time that most hurts were not done on purpose. People do not mean to hurt you. When that happens, it might be a sign of them being extremly under stress, unhappy or wearing a burden that you are not necessarily aware of. Imagine that the next time you feel offended by some one’s behaviour.

If you are sure that some one had hurt you on purpose – ask yourself, why do you stick around? Is it necessary? This situation will repeat itself and you might not be able to change it in any way. Your way is just as important as anybody else’s. Affirm your position and make clear that you have felt hurt and watch the reaction of the involved person. Just keep in mind that you have to stand up for yourself and affirm how you want to be treated.

Next step is the letting go of the painful memory and healing your soul, just as you take care of your body if it were injured. You need a healthy body as well as a healthy soul in order to live your life, find and fulfill your life’s plan as well as reach any goals that you have set for yourself.

Is there anything that hurt you and that you still carry around with you? Let me know in the comments below.