Sleepless nights

Sometimes you wake up early morning and your mind is so active that you cannot fall asleep again easily – staying awake for hours, thinking about a dream you have had, about the previous day or about some plans that you have. Sometimes you are worried, sometimes you are excited about new developments, sometimes you fantasize about your ideal life … or you get inspired. I still remember how often I used to stay awake 2013 and 2014 until I have decided to put some time aside during the day for writing and sleep more at night.

That phase generated the material that I had put into Soul Connections, the poetry ebook that I have published November 2014 on the Kindle platform. Afterwards I have started to put down more poems and thoughts and gradually have posted stuff here as well as on social media – mostly on Instagram. Here is a collection of art that was born on one of those #sleeplessnights :

A trace of dreams 2017, which won the “Poetry of the year 2016” prize

Magic of September 2019, blog post

Well last month (December 2020) it looked like it’s there again … this time because of excitement. It looks like finally some very old patterns stopped locking me and I have found happiness, hope and energy. I guess the last time I was so positively anxious was as I had started to study and I was so sure that everything will turn up fabulous. As 2021 starts with a lockdown there will certainly be some more sleepless nights and again there will be poetry, inspiration and new people coming into our lives.

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