book cover Soul Connections, a soul journal for women

Soul Connections

A soul journey, 2014

The Kindle e-book was released on November 2014 and is a collection of experiences connected to meditating. I love using the Amazon Kindle app for reading e-books and this was one of the reasons that I have chosen to publish this e-book on Kindle Shop.

A trace of dreams (poem), 2017

Written for the contest ‘2016 Poetry of the Year’, this poem was a winner ! I was so proud about winning the contest and receiving a video reading of this piece of poetry. If you like soulmate or even twin flames stories, this one is for you 😉 Read it here and also give a thumb up on YouTube :

’96 written for today

One of my favorites, it is a translation of a poem without a title, that I have written 1996. This one has been made into a YouTube video too – check it out :