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We’ve just added new products to our Spreadshirt shop: hoodies, caps, even teddy bears! In the process the showroom got this pretty heading graphic with the name of the shop in it:

Fun Future Fantasy

This phrase was with me for quite a long time. Ever since 2010, as I had approached freelancing and was asking myself if I need a brand or a company name, this inspiration came to me and I have finally found this way of manifesting it: as the name of our designs shop.

A soul connection is a special feeling that someone might feel towards another person. It is not the same as romantic love. Somehow it is “the next level”, that experience that you may call “true love”. Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, this is a nice alternative to the whole romantic stuff you see everywhere – no reds, no roses, no hearts but a rainbow in fancy colors. The same rainbow is present on the cover of the ebook and the blue and ocre tones were also used on several graphics like on the Twitter heading.

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