Frozen – best animation movie

I have seen the movie again as a test, to check out if it still moves me like it did the first time I have seen it at the cinema. This time it touched me in a different way; it still is a major story in my opinion.

As Frozen 2 is running at cinemas everywhere, I used the opportunity to watch the first part on DVD – having seen it multiple times with my kids, this time I have chosen to watch the original version.

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It was some time in spring 2013 that I have watched it initially and it gave me hot and cold shivers on my back. The effect was so powerful that it led me to a life changing decision – having hidden for a long time some skills that I had like automatic writing and being able to read between the lines – so I have decided to stop hiding, the way that Elsa did, and open up. Coupled with the decision that is OK if only a few persons can accept me the way I am – cold is not bothering me anyway – it was like opening a door to further life experiences and the birth of “Soul Connections”.

The theme of “true love kiss” vs. “act of true love” was crucial. Stopping that ideal of romance that many more stories have propagated was so healing!

And of course, the Love that you feel in your heart is healing first of all – yourself. This movie has many parallel issues going on, it is worth writing a longer series about. The main message was so powerful than and it is now – is that of Love melting away the ice of Fear and Greed – and of Ice as a positive life protecting force. It is Elsa’s self-defence Chi, if you want, her Element and she had to understand that it “came out” the second she needed protection. As she eventually understood and let go of fear, she was able to direct it.

We only become lovable if we show ourselves – then someone like Anna is able to come along and love us. So let go of hiding !