Magic of September

We are almost thru the month and I am feeling like ‘Dora, write something about September!” As a kid it was my favorite month because it ended the three month long summer vacation, which was back then quite boring, all my friends out of town, endless days … Another reason to love September is that in the morning you can see the moon – amazing! – even if the sun has already risen.

As a grown up, it is nice to see the trees going from green to orange, red and yellow and taste fresh grapes and plums. The summer heat is gone and you can enjoy the warmth of sun rays while taking a walk. After a season of physical activity you come to a more peaceful one, starting to turn your attention inward and collect the rewards of your inner work.

You may have had more intense experiences around the 15th of August, you may have taken a commitment to your own growth. Then comes September showing you areas where you can start ???? especially around the full Moon. I love to call the September full moon ‘fools’ Moon’ because it happened a couple of times to reveal to me spots where I was being a fool. Like six years ago, being extremely introvert and letting my fantasy blur the reality of sensing the world around me.

Follow your own Soul!

This year I had the surprise realisation that I have been behaving the way a parent wanted/believed me to be. Sometimes kids pick that up from adults and because thes want to fit in, they adopt ways of behaving that they take for “OK”. As I was little I was the contamplating girl, making experiments like “What happens if I put my hand in front of a light source?” then reporting the things that I have noticed. Well, my parent did not say anything on such an occasion but seemed to think “she’s crazy”. So I suppose that I have started saying crazy stuff making friends laugh.

I had to let go of it, all the foolish jokes I used to make so that people thought that I am crazy ???? Acting ‘adult’ instead and showing people the way that I reason so that they can see, I am accountable. This crazy fool thing was a limiting image that people had of me and I guess it was a big reason for my loneliness – especially in a place where people are very busy and tend to judge too quick.

All in one, I keep feeling that my life is rounded and have found happiness, after some troubled years.

What about you? Which is your favorite month of the year?

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