Windy Beach was not my Dream

As I look back to last summer I see once more the reason for one situation that occured back then: I wanted to sunbath but I did not communicate it the way that I should have. So I ended up on a windy beach, where I could not sunbath.

Being in a relationship is sometimes tough – you need to convince, first of all you need to be aware of what you want and what you expect. If not, you will get what your partner wants – and please don’t complain about it.

This situation – I had a summer dream, planned vacation with my partner but did not talk about my wish – made me ask myself, how important is to act, to put physical energy (talk, plan, make phone calls etc.) behind an idea, as a result of ‘having a dream’.

My summer dream

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Dreaming of the summer #sleepless in Cologne

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At least I wore my jacket on my summer holiday ! that worked.

Now I am looking forward for next summer – that will be great, I can tell you.

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