The Content Case, First Part

WOW, it has been almost ten years since the Facebook page Dora Marii Poetry has been out there! I cannot believe it has been that long. It felt like an adventure, I was very curious, how this stuff works. I have experimented with any new feature I found (multiple languages anyone?), added a note that is the Easter egg of my artist profile (big eyes smiley here)

I even used links to some of my Facebook page posts inside the ebook “Soul Connections” (Amazon Kindle).

Back then I didn’t have a website for my art. Being busy with family and work, I only wrote now and then, I had no plan at all. Two years later, my art became more important and finally I have launched this blog. At the same time I have also started to post on Instagram; I have been managing this website and never thought about adding my previous Facebook content in here.

Until something happened: AI!

The initial hype settled down and we kind of wake up the day after an exhilarating party and realize, wait a minute! This bunch of new tools are hungry – for content to train on.

Yes, I know, I am quite a “small” artist, I have around 270 followers on Facebook and 920 on Instagram. Even so, I don’t like the idea of some bots that crawl over my posts (they are public after all) and digest them, to have stuff the AI tools can create stuff from.

I wouldn’t have minded if me and all other Creators would get a couple of cents for our Two Cents (pun intended here), but no, they go like, you use our platform for free and we have this stuff in the Terms&Conditions saying that we can use your posts for advertising. That said, I spent some time thinking about it, what would I like to do next?

Advertising can also use AI so I guess, this platform reserved the right to use page content for training its AI Ad assistants or whatever it is named. Would I like to see some ads that are generated from my content? no way! Actually I’ve felt quite disappointed that all the evolution since web2.0 and user generated content lead to this. Tools that digest our user generated content to create stuff without our permission and to sell this stuff to others.

That being settled, I have started already to copy my old FB posts as blog posts in here. The irony, I have been trying to get a download from the Facebook page, I will be surprised I guess, when I see the download.

Are you an artist or creator too and how do you handle this situation? Did you change your post creation strategy? let me know in the comments!

Beyond Sun

Original Poem: October 2nd 1998

I want to look through the sun

Until I see beyond

In the other world.

What will I see?

Creatures of the earth or

Made from the word.

Beings of precious light

Or the inhabitants of the first planet

Of the Orion system.

Then I would look into the sun

of the Orion System,

As much as I need to see beyond.

Will I see them now?

Those without flesh or not?

Maybe it will be another system.

A world within a world

In the bottom of a drawer,

In the bottom of a glass.

Beyond I look with my eyes closed

I see ideas, I see the way

Which I do not follow ___

©1998-2024 Dora Marii

E-Book Editing

book cover Soul Connections, a soul journal for women

Lately I haven’t been happy with the first poems from “Soul Connections” and I have decided to put the e-book offline and work on the second edition !

Don’t worry – this is going to be great !

August 9th, 2020

Living a Soul Life

#15august Remembering and celebrating 7 years of living a soul life !

No matter how busy I may be, I am taking the time to reflect and express gratitude for being guided and seeing my life unfold. Taking a walk, reading or maybe even writing a new text!

August 16th, 2020

Happy Halloween Reading! 📖📚

I am looking outside of the house from the fourth floor and enjoying a quiet day. I see the tree tops sprinkled between the neighborhood houses, the cloudy sky and the two books on the table near me, that I want to share a few thoughts about.

The Book of Night by Holly Black

Horror stories are not my favorite genre so how did this book land on my bookcase?

First of all, it has an original plot, one I have never heard of. The book was a Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller, definitely helping me to decide to go for it and I liked the cover design a lot!

This has been described as a “dark fantasy story” with a “killer ending” that I also enjoyed reading. The edition I have got has 400 pages and I have finished reading it in around 10 days I guess. A new angle to the magicians world with a good pace and a character that in the end was determined to do the impossible to save her love.

Reading this book was similar to trespassing from Yin to Yang or vice versa. You know when someone is all “Love and Light” and then they go and peek at the Dark! Someone who was annoyed at my “think positive attitude” asked me back then if I cannot get into trouble 😵‍💫 because I want to live as a Soul? Of course I also have troubles and challenges. This is not Paradise after all. So there it is, the “other side”, the world of the Shadows.

Hey, if you live in Germany take a look at the page that I have linked on the left


Or this one for fantasy bestseller: Fantasy Bestseller

Shadow Dance by David Richo

This is an older edition (1999), I have read this book around 20 years ago and I took it out of the bookcase because I will read it again soon.

The subtitle “Liberating the Power and Creativity of Your Dark Side” says a lot and indeed summarizes the content of this book very well. My guess is that we experience a lot of persons who live out their Dark Sides blindly nowadays and it’s a lot of chaos and turmoil in the outer world. Only because this outer world is the consequence of the chaos and turmoil a lot of us experience in our minds and feelings.

There is a lot of food for thought here. Being a nerd all the way from first grade to finishing university 1999, I sometimes felt that I was not free to show myself the way that I was and couldn’t find a solution to that old situation. A lot of people are searching happiness and one path towards this is to practise positive thinking. Well, it goes around like a wheel, light going to dusk, night then dawn and light again.

To quote David Richo:

Too much light creates a longing for night.

Almost Spring 🌷

Winter is slowly going away and spring is almost there. Looking at the blog, it seems like nothing is happening here. Since June I only managed to create a new page Sleepless nights, a text that emerged on itself at the end of 2020.

The Spring without a Birthday Party

#Lockdown is also almost gone. We still have restrictions and there is hope that public life will resume in April. I have never really thought that my birthday in the beginning of March will be affected – it was. Still lockdown. I usually don’t have a big birthday party. I wanted it this year to be different, to play music and dance, to invite everyone who was in my life for the past five years.

So it will probably be a bigger party, at a later time, together with friends that missed their celebration in this hard time.

The good thing with the current situation is that I have grown my Instagram following and it’s amazing. There is nothing more motivating than having followers reacting to posts. If you happen to be a follower, thanks!

Second edition of book one Soul Connections is out there and I have discovered really useful tips for KDP authors. Right now I want to learn everything about KDP publishing!

Meanwhile there is some more merch in the pipeline and hopefully it will be approved soon. The process is quite a slow one but for me it is worth the waiting. If you might be interested, there are some pieces linked in the footer so you can check them out.

Celebrating This Special Date

On August 15th it will have been seven years – a blessed number – since starting my Soul Life and I am very grateful! To celebrate this, my team is helping me out with a new playlist on YouTube :

“Soul Connections”

Including the music that inspired the Soul Connections stories and poems: Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, “You make me feel brand new” from Simply Red

and more to come!

August 9th, 2020

Blue Fire

(C) Dora Marii 2015

No one can tell you
What to do,
So you must look
Inside yourself…

My skin is burning,
Heart is racing…
I’ve waited so long…

There’s no one
Here with me,
So I wonder
What will happen next?…

My heart is burning,
I am racing…
I’ve never felt such a fire…

No one but me
Creates my destiny!
My skin is burning,
Heart is racing…
I’not waiting anymore!